What’s In A Name?

Posted 2 August 2019 by Bruach Architects

We get asked a lot about the meaning of our name, what it means and where it came from. Let’s put the story straight here!

Bruach is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning bank of a river, particularly apt as our office is located in Clydebank (or Bruach Chluaidh in Gaelic).  We do love our river view from the office window and the regular passing of ships of all sizes and types along the River Clyde – not as many as there used to be of course!  The nearby Titan Crane also reminds us of the incredible industrial heritage of the area.

Bruach also sounds close to “broch”, a traditional Scottish home built with a drystone hollow-walled structure, dating back to the Iron Age.  We feel particularly close to traditional Scottish architecture and the significance of our built heritage, and this neat connection to a traditional dwelling (in our traditional language) reminds us of the importance of home.

We’ll admit, it is tricky to pronounce without a Gaelic tongue, and we have heard quite a few pronunciations of it, but thanks to online Gaelic dictionary www.faclair.com you can hear how it should sound here – https://www.faclair.com/Listen/bruach.mp3


So there you have it, that’s where Bruach comes from, why it is important to us and how it is pronounced!

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