Completion Certificates

Posted 15 November 2023 by Bruach Architects

Completion Certificates

15 November 2023

When you have finished a construction project in Scotland that required a Building Warrant, the local authority require a form to be submitted to confirm that the works have been constructed, demolished or converted in accordance with the relevant building warrant and to comply with the building regulations. This is known as a Completion Certificate.

At Bruach we like to keep our clients as informed as possible throughout the lifespan of their construction project. At the end of our service on every job we send an end of project email containing lots of information on the next steps our clients need to take to complete their project. This is particularly useful to our clients on projects where we are not involved in the construction phase.

One of the most important pieces of information we pass on is how to apply for the Completion Certificate when the construction is complete.  At the end of the works the local authority require a form to confirm the works have been completed.  It is critical that this is completed and submitted, as this concludes the Building Warrant process and failure to do so means the works have not been approved by the local authority.  Once this form has been submitted, a representative from the local authority Building Standards department should attend for a visit to inspect the works. If they find everything to be in order, they will then issue you with a Completion Certificate.

If they do not find everything to be in order, they will provide you with a list of reasons why they have rejected your application. Try not to worry! Sometimes things happen during the course of construction which means that the drawings which have been approved by Building Standards need to be changed.  If this is the case an “Amendment to Building Warrant” application may need to be submitted to advise the local authority of the changes. This would involve getting updated drawings prepared to illustrate the variations from the original approved drawings.  Once the Amendment is approved you can then re-apply for the Completion Certificate.

One other thing to note that is that you may also require certificates for the works. For example if any electrical works were carried out then you will need an Electrical Completion Certificate from your electrical contractor.

Further information can be found here:

If you would like any further information on how to apply for your Completion Certificate or if you would like us to help you obtain one, then please get in touch with us where we would be happy to help!

Photos | Completed house extension in West Dunbartonshire by Bruach Architects

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